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Phosphomolybdotungstic Acid Testing Tannin Content

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Phosphomolybdotungstic acid testing tannin content mainly use phosphomolybdic acid and polyphenols color reaction, under 760nm wave length, we can test sample solution in total phenols and light absorption degree of multi phenols which can not be absorbed. Use standard characteristic curve method to test tannin content.

Tannin is also called tannic acid, it is plant cells in the body as a defensive chemical ingredients used to block the mouth to collect aphid. Tannin can also protect plants from UV damage. Tannins appearance is pale yellow to light brown powder with special smell, it tastes very astringent, dissolved in 1 part of water or ethanol, soluble in acetone, insoluble in chloroform and ether.

Studies use phosphomolybdic acid to determine casein content of tannin, pomegranate rind experimental results show that the method is simple and accurate and with high selectivity, can be used in medicine to detect pomegranate rind from different sources. In addition, ‘British Pharmacopoeia’ 2002 edition tannin assay using phosphomolybdic acid - skin powder colorimetric method, which uses tannin in the alkaline solution in phosphomolybdic acid reduction, result in a dark blue color, the absorption is proportional to the degree of content, measured by colorimetry at 760 nm.

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