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Phosphotungstic Acid Staining Solution Producing Method

Phosphotungstic acid staining solution producing method belongs to chemical reagent producing technical field. Due to phosphotungstic acid staining solution is configurated by laboratory, usually use phosphotungstic acid, potassium phosphotungstate and sodium phosphotungstate as raw material, add in sodium hydroxide which can obtain phosphotungstic acid staining solution.

Phosphotungstic acid staining solution picturebottled phosphotungstic acid staining solution photo

Producing Method
1.Add distilled water into 2g phosphotungstic acid, total volume of water and phosphotungstic acid is 100ml.
2.Add 1mol/L sodium hydroxide to adjust pH value to 6.4~7.0.
3.Add 2g activated carbon.
4.Keep in cool place, seal and stir for 12h and ultrasound for 2h.
5.Test pH value, which should be 6.4~7.0.
6.Filter with filter membrane, until there is no visible particulate impurities.
7.Packing. Clean the bottle and dry it, packing, inject with nitrogen and seal it.
8.Test. Under light exposure with black background, observe product, wipe off unqualified products.
9.Pack the qualified product and keep in cool and dry place, right side up.

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