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Tungsten Concentrate Producing Tungsten Trioxide

tungsten concentrate

Tungsten concentrate includes the two kinds of W-iron ore and calcium tungstate concentrate which takes only 0.007% of the total weight in the earth crust. Tungsten concentrate is the main raw material of producing tungsten-iron, sodium tungstate, ammonium paratungstate (APT), ammonium metatungstate (AMT) and other tungsten compounds, and its downstream products which are mainly tungsten trioxide, blue tungsten oxide, tungsten powder, tungsten carbide , alloy, tungsten steel, tungsten bar and tungsten wire ect..

Tungsten concentrate beneficiation process is typically concluding tungsten ore (wolframite or scheelite) by crushing, milling, re-election (mainly shaker, jigger), flotation, electrostatic separation, magnetic separation and other processes to select the wolframite or scheelite which meet the national standard, content of tungsten trioxide which is the main component of tungsten concentrate can reach more than 65%.

Soda sinter - immersion method is a typical tungsten preparation process. It can not only handle wolframite, but also the scheelite and low-grade mineral of mixing with wolframite and scheelite. mainly several processes of soda sintering method to produce tungsten trioxide from the raw material of tungsten concentrates are:
1.Pretreatment of tungsten concentrates, including crushing, ball milling;
2.Sodium hydroxide sintering and add water leaching to obtain industrial crude sodium tungstate solution;
3.Generate precipitate of calcium tungstate by pressure filtration, purification and adding calcium chloride;
4.Filtering and adding hydrochloric acid to obtain tungstic acid (H 2 WO 4 ), and then ammonia dissolving to get ammonium tungstate solution, then obtain ammonium paratungstate by evaporating and crystallization;
5.Calcine the ammonium paratungstate to obtain tungsten trioxide by controlling the certain temperature and conditions.

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