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Phosphotungstic Acid Desulfurization

Phosphotungstic acid desulfurization is phosphotungstic acid as desulfurization catalyst for oil industry, a sulfur-containing fuels. Studies use one-step coating process which has immobilized phosphotungstic acid (HPW) to a multi-metal organic framework MIL-101, which was used as a catalyst, with oxygen (O2) as the oxidant for the catalytic oxidation of simulated oil desulfurization experiment. Results show that phosphotungstic acid has good desulfurization and regenerative activity.

Preparation of ultra-deep desulfurization performance of phosphotungstic acid / titanium dioxide nanofibers is as follows:
Use polymer with a molecular weight of 90,000 PVP as template, N, N- dimethylformamide as solvent, butyl titanate as titanium source. Add phosphotungstic acid, obtained composite nanofibers by electrospinning. After calcinating composite nanofibers which have a diameter of about 10nm phosphotungstic acid / titanium oxide composite fibers, phosphotungstic acid is evenly distributed on the titanium dioxide nanofibers, phosphotungstic acid catalyst has ultra-deep desulfurization performance.

phosphotungstic acid catalyst sample XRD spectraphosphotungstic acid sample FTIR spectra

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