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12-Tungstophosphoric Acid

12-Tungstophosphoric acid has high molecular weight, strong acidity, structure is stable, can be easily dissolved in water and organic reagent. 12-Tungstophosphoric acid is a kind of heteropolyacid with good photocatalytic property. It is the most active catalyst in acid catalytic reduction reaction. Some studies use methyl orange as simulative dyeing waste water, 12-tungstophosphoric acid as photocatalyst to catalytic degrade under natural light condition, the catalytic result is fine.

12-Tungstophosphoric Acid Photo12-Tungstophosphoric Acid Molecular Structure Photo

Some Different Producing Methods

1.Traditional method firstly use sodium acetate to mix with sodium phosphate or phosphoric acid, adjust pH value to prepare 12-tungstophosphoric sodium salt, and then use strong acid cation exchange method to remove metal and will become free 12-tungstophosphoric acid.

2. H.S. Booth use ether to extract tungstophosphoric sodium solution which is acidic by acid and forms into tungstophosphoric acid ethyl ether adduct, heat and remove ether will get 12-tungstophosphoric acid solid.

3. American patent dilute tungstophosphoric salt and use ion exchange method to prepare 12-tungstophosphoric acid.

4. China patent 1999 uses sodium tungstate as raw material, add H2O2 with concentration 20~35% and inorganic acid, control molar concentrate under 0.08mol/L~3mol/L. Under -5℃—30℃, add reducing agent to get active tungstic acid, then dissolve it in dilute phosphoric acid solution, after crystallization process we can get 12-tungstophosphoric acid crystalline.

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