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Sodium Tungstate Hydrothermal Synthesis Tungsten Trioxide

Sodium tungstate hydrothermal synthesis tungsten trioxide uses sodium tungstate solution as raw material, reacts in reaction still, by thermal synthesis method to synthesize tungsten trioxide, it belongs to inorganic synthesis chemical technical field.

Hydrothermal method is a method in a special sealed reactor (eg autoclave), using an aqueous solution as a reaction system, the reaction system by heating, pressing (or autogenous vapor pressure), creating a relatively high temperature, high pressure reaction environment such that generally soluble or insoluble substance is dissolved and an effective method for the synthesis of inorganic materials and then be processed by recrystallization.

sodium tungstate phototungsten trioxide photo

Sodium tungstate hydrothermal method synthesize tungsten trioxide steps:
1.Adding sodium tungstate dehydrate and sodium chloride with mole ratio 1:2 into distilled water, sodium concentrate in distilled water is maintained within 0.016~0.067mol/L, ultrasound reacting for 5min.
2.With magnetic stirring, adjust hydrochloric acid solution to pH value 1.0~3.0, keep stirring for 1h, polymeric precursor solution is obtained.
3. The precursor solution was transferred to a reaction vessel and reacted at a temperature of 170 ~ 190 ° C for 22 to 28 hours, cooled to room temperature, the resultant products were washed with distilled water and ethanol, centrifuged, and dried to obtain the tungsten trioxide.

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