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Heteropolyphosphatotungstate is a synthetic product of phosphotungstic acid and metal cation, which is a new type polyoxometalate based on molecular design to replace hetero, polyatomic and hydrogen atom in traditional heteropolyacid molecule, while the study of cesium phosphotungstate is the most deeply.

nano silver phosphotungstate picturesilver heteropolyphosphatotungstate X ray diffraction diagram

The keggin phosphotungstic acid is commonly referred to as dodecatungstophosphoric acid, a solid acid used in an organic catalytic reactions as a catalyst with superior catalytic property. Heteropolyphosphatotungstate which is based on phosphotungstic acid also has catalytic property, and is a green new catalyst.

Heteropolyphosphatotungstate catalytic method and titanium silicon molecular sieve catalytic method which bases oxygen source of hydrogen peroxide are the currently most promising in industry. Studies have prepared phosphotungstic acid / silica catalyst with reversible load property by in-situ loading, and applied to oxidation reaction of allyl chloride ring. Studies have shown that this type of catalyst has high catalytic activity, recyclable application, ease of synthesis and recovery and other advantages.

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