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Quaternary Ammonium Heteropolyphosphatotungstate

Quaternary ammonium heteropolyphosphatotungstate is a class of important oxidation catalyst, since 1983 Venturello has reported catalytic system of NaWO4/H3PO4/R4N+Cl/H2O2, this class of catalyst has been rapidly developed, and widely used in oxidation of olefin ring, alcohol and sulfur ether and other reactions. In 1988, Ishii reported catalytic system of H3PW12O40/R4N+Cl/H2O2, and proved that this system can also carry out oxidation of olefin ring efficiently.

Quaternary Ammonium Heteropolyphosphatotungstate Catalyzing Propylene Carbonate Synthesis

Studies have proposed a method of quaternary ammonium heteropolyphosphatotungstate catalyzing oxidation of olefin ring. Olefin epoxidation is the most important reaction in chemical industry which the oxidized product is the raw material for preparing a variety of important chemical matters, and widely used in many fields of organic synthesis, fine and petroleum chemical industry.

In addition, there are inventions about method of quaternary ammonium heteropolyphosphatotungstate catalyzing preparation of double loop pentadiene dioxide, by adding double loop pentadiene, solvent and quaternary ammonium heteropolyphosphatotungstate catalyst in the reactor, heating and mixing, along with dropwise adding aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide, and carrying out post-processing of cooling after reacted, vacuum distillation to obtain mixture of product and quaternary ammonium heteropolyphosphatotungstate catalyst.

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