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Tungsten Diselenide

English Name: Tungsten Diselenide
Chinese Name: 二硒化钨
Molecular Formula: WSe2
Molecular Weight: 341.77
CAS Number: 12067-46-8
EINECS Number:235-078-7

Tungsten diselenide is an inorganic compound with the formula WSe2. The compound adopts a hexagonal crystalline structure similar to molybdenum disulfide. Every tungsten atom is covalently bonded to six selenium ligands in a trigonal prismatic coordination sphere while each selenium is bonded to three tungsten atoms in a pyramidal geometry. The tungsten–selenium bond has a length of 0.2526 nm, and the distance between selenium atoms is 0.334 nm. Layers stack together via van der Waals interactions. WSe2 is a very stable semiconductor in the group-VI transition metal dichalcogenides.

Tungsten Diselenide PictureTungsten Diselenide Structure Picture

Application of Tungsten Diselenide:
1. Photoelectrode of tungsten diselenide is stable under acidic and alkaline, and therefore can be used in photoelectrochemical cell;
2. Tungsten diselenide molecular film stripped by machine can be used in the manufacture of photovoltaic devices and transparent ultra-thin LED;
3. In addition, WSe2 monolayers with the property different from the general tungsten diselenide have been researched;
4. Researchers in Vienna University of Technology in Austria first developed a diode made by a tungsten diselenide (WSe2), and the experiments showed that this material may be used for thin flexible solar cell;
5. The low thermal conductivity of tungsten diselenide means heat dissipation is not easy in the system, to realize the efficient energy conversion, and thus to improve usage efficiency of the energy.

Preparation of Tungsten Diselenide:
Tungsten sheet is heated at high pressure and temperature (over 800K) in selenium vapor, and by sputtering deposition technique to form correct elements proportions of hexagonal crystals on the sheet, a chemical equation is as follows:

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