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Tungsten Nitride

SEM Image of Tungsten Nitride

Chinese Name: 氮化钨
English Name: Tungsten Nitride
Molecular Formula: WN
Molecular Weight: 197.84
CAS Number: 12033-72-6
EINECS Number:234-792-6

Tungsten nitride (WN), brown solid, hard, its crystal structure belongs to cubic crystal system. Tungsten nitride is a new type of catalytic material, the surface and catalytic properties are similar to the precious metals, in addition it is also ceramic material with excellent thermal stability and mechanical property.

Preparation of tungsten dinitride:
1. Tungsten raw material reacts in the gaseous mixture of nitrogen, hydrogen;
2. The reaction of tungsten raw material in ammonia gas at high temperature, because ammonia can be decomposed to gaseous mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen at a high temperature;
3.Ammonium metatungstate (AMT) as the raw material to get tungsten oxide firstly, and then introduces ammonia gas and increases reaction temperature to prepare tungsten nitride.

The resistivity of the tungsten nitride is 1.5×10-3~4.0×10-3Ω/cm, while it is reduced with the increasing of annealing temperature, and when the film temperature is higher than 725℃, the resistivity is reduced to 1.2×10-4~5.0×10-4Ω/cm, however, when the temperature is higher than 725℃, tungsten nitride will lose nitrogen and transfer to pure tungsten.

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