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Silicon Tungsten Heteropoly Acid

Silicon tungsten heteropoly acid is also called silicotungstic acid, chemical formula is H4[W12SiO40], appearance is light yellow solid, often used as catalyst in chemical industry, has the advantages of highly active, good selectivity, mild reaction conditions, no corrosion property.

A research invents a mesoporous titania supported silicotungstic heteropolyacids, studies show the obtained catalyst catalytic and stability effect towards tributyl citrate, compared to traditional inorganic acid catalyst, the catalyst not only has fine catalytic activity, after single separation can be reused, it is a kind of newly developed environmental friendly catalyst.

Silicon Tungsten Heteropoly Acid Preparation Method

The common used methods for preparing silicon tungsten heteropoly acid are nitric acid acidification – ether extraction method, precipiration method. Also by precipitating between ammonium tungstate and sodium silicate, then wash by ether and dry. Besides that, mix sodium silicate and tungsten oxide and add in hydrochloric acid is also a widely applied method.

silicon tungsten heteropoly acid SEMsilicon tungsten heteropoly acid FTIR

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