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2% Phosphotungstic Acid Solution

2% phosphotungstic acid solution picture

Chinese Name: 磷钨酸负染色液(2%)
CB No.: CB03061732
Storage: Room temperature, keep in dark place, less than 12 months.
Application: Negative staining

2% Phosphotungstic acid solution is suitable for displaying molecules, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, phages, cell organelles, nucleic acid molecules, protein crystal and other polymeric material. After staining, the sample image rendered transparent light, the background image is black. Negative staining is discovered by Hall with respect to general staining (ie positive staining), in terms of the principle that the use of heavy metal salts wrapped sample with low electron density, and enhance the electron density around the sample, caused minor structure between the "quality - thickness" differences, enhance scattering absorption contrast.

2% Phosphotungstic Acid Precautions
1.Label should be complete and clear which shows the name, specification and quantity of agent.
2.Concentration and configuration date of solution should be marked as well.
3.Product without label should be tested before use.
4. Liquid reagent can be measured by cleaned cylinder, do not extend into the primary with a straw draw a reagent liquid, can not pour back the residue into the original bottle.

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