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Tungsten Oxide

Tungsten oxide (W2O3) is a compound of tungsten and oxygen (See Uncle Tungsten by Oliver Sacks). It has been reported (2006) as being grown as a thin film by atomic layer deposition at temperatures between 140 and 240 °C using W2(N(CH3)2)6 as a precursor.

It is not referred to in major text books e.g. Some older literature refers to the compound W2O3 but as the atomic weight of tungsten was believed at the time to be 92, i.e. approximately half the modern accepted value of 183.84 the compound actually being referred to was WO3.  

tungsten oxide

Tungsten oxide molecular formula:W2O3  

Tungsten oxide is obtained from the minerals scheelite, wolframite, ferberite. It is insoluble in H2O and acids, but soluble in hot alkalis.

Tungsten Oxide Powder Chemical Properties Available: 99.9% up to 99.99%  

Tungsten oxide is used for the production of tungsten metal powder or as compound and pigment for ceramics. Also tungsten oxide used in the manufacture of tungsten and tungstates, in alloys, in fire-proofing fabrics and as a ceramic pigment.

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