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Phosphorus Zirconium Tungstate

Chinese Name:磷钨酸锆
Chemical Formula: Zr2WO4(PO4)2
Molecular Weight: 620.28

Phosphorus zirconium tungstate is a kind of negative thermal expansion material with fine property, it has good chemical, thermal stability and high temperature mechanical stability, has obvious negative thermal expansion property in temperature range 25~800℃, has no phase change and non-absorbent in negative thermal expansion temperature range.

Phosphorus Zirconium Tungstate Crystal StructureNegative Thermal Expansion Material Picture

Phosphorus zirconium tungstate preparation method:
1.Weigh a molar ratio of zirconium oxychloride, sodium hydrogen phosphate and sodium tungstate, add water to prepare solution, then heat sodium tungstate solution and keep stirring. Add sodium hydrogen phosphate solution and mix well.
2. Add hydrochloric acid to react, then add zirconium oxychloride solution into solution obtained from step 1, stir it, stay still after reaction.
3.Filter, wash, dry, grind, calcination the obtained product, phosphorus zirconium tungstate is obtained.

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