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Ammonium Paratungstate Q&A

1.Ammonium paratungstate solubility?
It is slightly soluble in water, under 20℃ the solubility is less than 2%, unsoluble in alcohol.

2.Element in ammonium paratungstate?
N, H, O, W

3.Service time of ammonium paratungstate?
Ammonium paratungstate is stable under room temperature, it won’t go bad.

4.Exporting limitation of ammonium paratungstate?
The export of product needs to apply for exporting license, it usually takes about 2 weeks.

5.Ammonium paratungstate chemical formula?

6.Ammonium paratungstate appearance?
Ammonium paratungstate is white crystalline powder, it has shapes of flake and needle.

7.Ammonium paratungstate picture?
ammonium paratungstate picture

8.Ammonium paratungstate manufacturer?
Chinatungsten Online has been specialized in manufacturing ammonium paratungstate for over 20 years. Any inquiry of the product is welcomed.

9.W content in ammonium paratungstate?

10.Does ammonium paratungstate soluble in nitric acid?
No, it doesn’t.

If you have any interest in ammonium paratungstate, please feel free to contact us by email: sales@chinatungsten.com or by telephone:+86 592 5129696.


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