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Assistant Agent Affects Tungsten Trioxide Production

Studies indicate that, in the hydrothermal synthesis process, different doses and kinds of assistant agent will have different effects on tungsten trioxide morphology and crystalline.

Different Doses of Assistant Agents Effect on Tungsten Trioxide

It is found in experiment of sodium tungstate dihydrate (Na2WO4.2H2O) as raw material, DL- malic acid as assistant agent to prepare precursor dimensional spherical morphology WO3.xH2O, that adding different dose of malic acid has a great impact on the morphology and crystalline of WO3.xH2O. Thereby affecting gas sensing property of tungsten trioxide.

In the hydrothermal process, the adding of malic acid not only make the thickness of nanosolids getting bigger, but also has a key role on nano-blocks gathered. As the acid concentration increases, nucleation increasing and producing aggregation, then form a 3D framework after further growing up.

Different Kinds of Assistant Agents Effect on Tungsten Trioxide

Studies have shown that, at exactly the same for all other manufacturing process, the addition of different types of assistant agents (Na2C2O4,Na2SO4,H2C2O4) cause the overall appearance of tungsten trioxide are very different; in addition, they also observed the same crystals which shows different types of assistant agents have no affect on the tungsten trioxide crystalline.

tungsten trioxidedifferent molar ratio of MA W of tungsten oxide polymorph


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