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Tungsten Trisulfide

Tungsten Trisulfide Molecular Structure Picture

Tungsten trisulfide (WS3) is an inorganic tungsten compound, which belongs to the transition metal sulfide; a tungsten trisulfide molecule composed of three atoms of sulfur and one tungsten atom.
English name: Tungsten Trisulfide
Molecular formula: WS3
Molar mass: 280.035 g/mol
EINECS Number: 235-734-2

Preparation of tungsten trisulfide can take tungsten disulfide and elemental sulfur to carry out direct synthesis by heating, the chemical equation is: WS2+S→WS3. At the same time, the reverse reaction is also established, that is, tungsten trisulfide can be decomposed by heating into tungsten disulfide and sulfur elemental, the equation is: WS3→WS2+S.

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