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Tungsten Oxide Surface Modification

Tungsten oxide surface modification refers to give new properties to surface under premise of maintaining original performance of tungsten oxide or its products, like hydrophilic, biocompatible, antistatic and dyeing and other properties. There are many reports about surface modification methods, which can be roughly summarized as surface chemical reaction, surface grafting and surface composite method and so on.

tungsten oxide film SEM photo

Surface Modification of Tungsten Trioxide Gas Sensor

Tungsten trioxide gas sensor according to the different thickness of film has commonly two forms of thin and thick film, and their surface modification methods are also different.

Surface modification of tungsten trioxide thin film: Firstly clean Al2O3substrate; under an argon atmosphere, respectively taking platinum, tungsten as the target (sputtering tungsten need to add oxygen) to sputter tungsten trioxide film on the substrate of interdigital electrode; then take target of titanium, nickel, molybdenum, vanadium, platinum, gold or palladium to sputter metal layer under an argon atmosphere on the prepared WO 3 thin film layer; heat treatment in the air to obtain tungsten oxide thin film gas sensor with surface modification. This surface modified tungsten trioxide film has advantages of low work temperature, excellent selectivity, short time in response and recovery.

Tungsten trioxide thick film surface modification: Acid decomposition; adding a binder to obtain a tungsten trioxide sensitive material slurry; print slurry on the interdigital electrode and a silver electrode silver wire alumina substrate, air heat sintering; carry out a thermal insulation of the gas sensor respectively under H2 and air atmosphere to produce a surface-modified WO 3 thick film gas sensors. This kind of tungsten trioxide gas sensor after surface modification treatment has high sensitivity detection on 1~200ppm of CO, with short time of response and recovery, thus to have important practical value.

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