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Sodium Polytungstate

Sodium polytungstate is also called sodium metatungstate.
CAS No.:12141-67-2
Chemical Formula: Na6O39W12
Molecular Weight: 2968
EINECS No.: 412-770-9

sodium polytungstate picturesodium polytungstate structure image

Sodium polytungstate has high density, it is odorless, easy to produce and can be recycled, so it is widely applied in density separation in geology and soil science:
1. Geology: Mainly used in mineral separation and sedimentary rocks, providing a new method for the separation of micro-fine pure minerals.
2. Soil science: separating agglomeration grain size in soil, organic material and humic acid.
3. Separating micro biology and organic material in marine biology.
Using sodium polytungstate solution to operate density separation has simple procedures and stable effect, it wont change property of separated material.

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