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Silicon is a kind of tungstate polyoxometalate, due to their potential applications in the fields of chemistry, materials science, catalyst, nanotechnology, chemical sensing, biochemistry, medicine, chemical analysis and catalytic degradation of waste has become a class catalytic, photochromic, magnetic and nonlinear optical applications in areas such as polynuclear compounds.

Among polyoxometalate compounds, Keggin structure and metal-substituted Keggin polyoxometalate structures are the mostly reported. Studies by hydrothermal synthesis method with ethylenediamine as the template to obtain a tungsten oxide clusters, a new structure of cooperation silicon tungstate -- α-Keggin structure, also determine the structure and magnetic properties of compounds. It is found that silicon tungstate molecule is consisted of α-Keggin structure of silicon tungsten metal cluster anions, a α-Keggin structure, 3 B as a counter cation and 3 crystal water molecules. Many types of hydrogen bonds with the terminal oxygen cluster anions and anions of ethylenediamine crystal water molecules to form a three-dimensional supramolecular structure in a molecule antiferromagnetic magnetic interactions.

new silicotungstate hydrogen bond picturenew silicotungstate molecular structure picture

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