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In chemistry a tungstate is a compound that contains an oxoanion of tungsten or is a mixed oxide containing tungsten. The simplest tungstate ion is WO42−, "orthotungstate". There are many other tungstate ions that contain more than one tungsten atom and belong to a large group of polyatomic ions that are termed polyoxometalates, ("POMs"), and specifically termed isopolyoxometalates as they contain, along with oxygen and maybe hydrogen, only one other element. Comparing tungsten to the other group 6 elements, the large tungstate ions generally contain 6 coordinate metal atoms similar to molybdenum (molybdates) and contrast to chromium (chromates) where 4 coordination predominates.

Ammonium Tetrathiotungstate

CAS Number:13862-78-7; Chemical Formula:H8N2S4W; Molecular Weight:348.17700; Exact Weight:347.90800; Density:2.71 g/mL at 25℃(lit.).

Barium Tungstate

White powder, micro toxicity. Relative density is 5.04. It can slightly dissolve in water, completely dissolved in oxalate water solution, decompose in acid and is stable in the air.

Bismuth Tungstate

Bismuth tungstate is the simplest oxide in bismuth oxide-based layered perovskite, the main shapes of Bi2WO6 are like tires, efflorescent, heliciform, flake, nested, graded microspheres and nano-cage type.

Cadmium Borotungstate

Cadmium borotungstate is yellow triclinic crystals, and it's easy to soluble in water and boiling water, solution appears of yellow or light brown.

Cadmium Tungstate

White or yellow fluorescent crystals, with wolframite structure. Dissolved in ammonium hydroxide and cyanide alkali solution, almost insoluble in water or dilute acid, solubility is 0.05g / 100mL H2O in cold water.

Calcium Tungstate

Calcium tungstate is white powder which has tetragonal structure, the apparent density is 6.062, it can be slightly dissolved in water and ammonium chloride solution. It may dissolve in hydrochloric acid.

Cerium Tungstate

Cerium tungstate is yellow tetragonal and it's stable under room temperature and pressure.

Cesium Tungstate

Cesium tungstate is colorless crystals, with strong hygroscopic, the phase transition occurs at 536 ℃, transition from orthorhombic to hexagonal crystal. It is insoluble in water.

Copper Tungstate

Stable at room temperature and pressure, avoid light, fire and high temperature. Solubility is 0.1g/100ml H2O under 15 degree celsius. Disolve in ammonia, slightly soluble in acid, insoluble in ethanol, decomposed in inorganic acid.

Lead Tungstate

Lead tungstate crystals have the optical transparency of glass combined with much higher density (8.28 g/cm3 vs ~2.2 g/cm3 for fused silica). They are used as scintillators in particle physics because of the their short radiation length (0.89 cm), low Molière radius (2.2 cm), quick scintillation response, and radiation hardness. Lead tungstate crystals are used in the Compact Muon Solenoid's electromagnetic calorimeter.

Lithium Tungstate

Soluble in water, easy to decompose in acid, insoluble in ethanol. Can be reducted into tungsten bronze by H2 under 500~800 degree celsius. WO2 is obtained after heating to 600 degree celsius. The final product is W.

Magnesium Tungstate

Magnesium tungstate can not be soluble in water and ethanol but acid. Magnesium tungstate can be used to produce X-ray fluorescent screen, luminous paint and fluorenscent powder.

Manganese Tungstate

Yellow and odorless powder. Insoluble in water. Harmful to water.

Nickel Tungstate

Stable under room temperature and pressure. Avoid to get contact with acid.

Phosphotungstic Acid

Phosphotungstic acid is colorless, pale-white powder or light yellow fine crystal, it has acidity and oxidation-reduction quality which can be used as multifunctional new type catalyst of high catalytic property and stable.

Phosphotungstic Heteropoly Acid

Keggin type phosphotungstic acid is also called phosphotungstic heteropoly acid, normally this type belongs to twelve phosphotungstic acid, as a solid acid, it can be used as catalyst in organic catalytic reactions.

Potassium Tungstate

White or colorless crystalline powder, monoclinic structure. Soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol.

Silicotungstic Acid

White or pale yellow crystalline, easy to dissolve in water and ethanol, dissolved in its crystal water when heating, decomposed when heated to 600~650 degree celsius.

Silver Tungstate

light yellow crystal or powder. Soluble in nitric acid, ammonia and potassium cyanide solution.

Strontium Tungstate

Stable under room temperature and pressure. Solubility in water under 15℃ is 0.14g/100mL H2O,decomposed in acid, insoluble in alcohol and other organic agent.

Zinc Tungstate

Zinc tungstate is widely applied in optics, phonics and magnetics as an important inorganic material. The ZnWO4 has the nano structure of auer, grain and flakes, there is seldom report about its three dimensional structure.

Zirconium Tungstate

Zirconium tungstate compound within 0. 3 ~ 1 050 K temperature range showed a significant isotropic negative thermal expansion characteristics, which received extensive attention.

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