Barium Tungstate

Barium Tungstate


Chinese Name:钨酸钡
CAS Number:7787-42-0
Chemical Formula:BaWO4
Molecular Weight:385.16500
Exact Weight:385.83600


White powder, micro toxicity. Relative density is 5.04. It can slightly dissolve in water, completely dissolved in oxalate water solution, decompose in acid and is stable in the air.


It can be applied in electronic industry and optical glass, ceramic, pigment, inhibiter, enhancer for X-ray and fluorescent screen.

Producing Method

Barium Tungstate is prepared by reaction of tungstate and ammonium sulfide solution.
Below are the steps:
1)Dissolve ammonium tungstate in ammonium hydroxide, the using amount of stronger ammonium water is: stronger ammonium water/ammonium metatungstate=1~2/1(ml/g);
2)Then the obtained solution react with ammonium sulfide solution, the mole ratio is S/W=4~6/1, the reaction temperature is under room temperature, reaction time is 0.5~3h, static crystallization time is 8~24h;
3)The last step is filter、rinsing、washing with absolute ethyl alcohol the crystallization, dry the product under room temperature, the Barium Tungstate can be obtained.

Barium Tungstate prepared by this method is of high purity, among which the ammonium sulfide using amount is almost the same with the obtained Barium Tungstate amount, react condition is alleviate, reaction time also decreases, so is the trash discharge amount. The product possess high yield and high purity. Omit the process of dealing with hydrogen sulfide.

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