Strontium Tungstate

Strontium Tungstate


Chinese Name:钨酸锶
CAS Number:13451-05-3
Chemical Formula:SrWO4
Molecular Weight:335.45800
Exact Weight:335.83600


Characteristics: tetragonal crystal system.
Solubility: slightly soluble.


Stable under room temperature and pressure
Avoid to get contact with oxidants and halogen. Relative density is 6.187, decomposed when reaching melting point. Solubility in water under 15℃ is 0.14g/100mL H2O,decomposed in acid, insoluble in alcohol and other organic agent.

Producing Method

Strontium can be synthesised by several methods, such as using decomposition of metal tungstate, metal oxidants react with WO3 or melting carbonate.

Storage Method

Sealed and storage in cool and dry place.

Ecological Effect

Harmful to water, do not make contact with groundwater or sewage system or pour into environment without government's permission.

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