The purity of tungsten powder?
tungsten powder

A: Coarse tungsten powder has three classes of C40,C60 and C80, the standard mesh are 100,60 and 60; the purity of fine tungsten powder can be up to 99.95%.

Appearance of tungsten powder?
tungsten powder

A:Tungsten powder is powdered metal tungsten, raw materials of tungsten preparation processing material and tungsten alloy products,.

Density of tungsten powder?
tungsten powder

A: Coarse tungsten powder has three classes of C40,C60 and C80, the granularity are 10.00-19.99,20.00-39.99 and >40.00, the reference density are 60 - 100,70 - 120 and 90 - 130; the granularity of fine tungsten powder is between 0.60-9.99.

Use of tungsten powder?
tungsten powder

A: The purity of tungsten powder is of particular importance in PM manufacturing of tungsten metal, since during subsequent sintering further purification through evaporation is only possible to a certain extent. The demand for purity of tungsten powder has increased steadily during the last three decades. Considerable improvements in hydrometallurgy have led to concentrations fairly below 10 µg/g for most of the elements. This trend with time can be demonstrated by comparing today's usual specifications with those given in the last book on "Tungsten" by Yih and Wang, published in 1979.

The purity of tungsten carbide powder?
tungsten carbide powder

High temperature carburised WC powders (1,700–2,200 °C) are usually coarse 10 to 50µm, but sometimes also 5 to 10µm grades are treated that way. The percentage of high temperature WC is small.

Appearance of tungsten carbide powder?
tungsten carbide powder

A: In its most basic form, tungsten carbide is a fine gray powder, but it can be pressed and formed into shapes for use in industrial machinery, cutting tools, abrasives, other tools and instruments, and jewelry.

Density of tungsten carbide powder?
tungsten carbide powder

A: Density of tungsten carbide powder is 15.63(18℃).

Use of tungsten carbide powder?
tungsten carbide powder

A: Tungsten Carbide Powder is often used to create hardmetals for cutting steel. Once mixed with cobalt and binder, tungsten carbide is pressed and sintered. Sintered tungsten carbide is one of the hardest substances known to man, and is used to cut steel, drill circuit boards and a multitude of other high tech applications in the automobile and aerospace industries, and beyond.

Purity of tungsten oxide?

sodium tungstate

A: The purity of tungsten oxide can be reached 99.95% or above.

Tungsten oxide solubility?

calcium tungstate

A: tungsten oxide can be dissolved in sodium hydroxide solution, slightly soluble in acid, insoluble in water.

Tungsten oxide storage methods?

ammonium paratungstate

A: Tungsten oxide is easy reacted with oxygen and moisture in the air, so it is best to be stored in the storage vessel which sealed and placed in a cool, dry room with good ventilation with internal or exhaust apparatus.

The use of tungsten oxide ?

blue tungsten oxide

A: tungsten oxide is an important raw material of metal tungsten, mainly used in making carbide, tungsten wire, powder metallurgy, X-ray screen and fireproof fabric, also used as a coloring agent and analysis reagent ceramics ect..

What is tungsten organic compound?

tungsten dichloride

A: Tungsten organic compound refers to the substance organic compound reacts with precious metal tungsten, mainly tungsten ethanol, isopropanol tungsten, titanium tungsten chloride, tungsten tetracarbonyl.

What is tungsten compound?

tungsten silicide

A: The tungsten-containing compound is a general collectively of compound containing with tungsten, wherein tungsten hexafluoride, tungsten selenide, tungsten silicide belong to inorganic tungsten compound, and ethanol tungsten, tungsten hexacarbonyl tungsten, bis (cyclopentyl) hydrochlorination tungsten belong to tungsten organic compound.

Species of tungstate?
tungsten carbide powder

A: Common tungstate have sodium tungstate (Na2WO4·2H2O), calcium tungstate (CaWO4), cobalt tungstate (CoWO4), cadmium tungstate (CdWO4), ferrous tungstate (FeWO4), ammonium tungstate [(NH4)6W7O24·6H2O] and zinc tungstate (5ZnO·12WO3) etc..

Application of tungstate??
tungsten carbide powder

A: Tungstate usually used as multifunctional material, calcium tungstate is important X-ray emitting material, tungstate used for the preparation of dyes, pigments and the like.

Species of tungsten bronze?
Cesium Tungsten Bronze

A:Tungsten bronze has special space tunnel structure, classified by crystalline structure, it can be divided into perovskite tungsten bronze (PTB), tetragonal tungsten bronze(TTB), hexagonal tungsten bronze(HTB) and intergrowth tungsten bronze(ITB). PTB and HTB belong to special non-stoichiometricm tungsten bronze can be divided into the same category as non-stoichiometricmn compound.

Application of tungsten bronze?
Cesium Tungsten Bronze

A: Tungsten bronze has good electronic and ionic conductivity, superconductivity and optical properties, which has broad application prospects. In these performance of tungsten bronze, the conductivity and superconductivity have been researched earlier, especially the superconducting properties, which had become the focus in the sixties and seventies. Although there are reports about tungsten bronze type conductivity and electron conduction now, the conductivity and superconductivity is no longer the main content of performance studies. Electrochromism device and photochromism device as two important aspects of the tungsten bronze applications, optical performance is one of its basic principles. Electrochromism applications are related to plasma H+ and Li+ electrochemical reversible embedding on WO3 electrode.