Fine Tungsten Carbide Powder

tungsten carbide powder


A process is provided for producing a fine tungsten carbide powder, which comprises the steps of drying a slurry, which is obtained by mixing an aqueous ammonium tungstate solution with a carbon powder, at low temperature, to form a precursor, mixing a reduction and carburization product, which is obtained by reducing and oxidizing the precursor in an inert gas, with a carbon powder in a proportion required to substantially carburize the entire tungsten component into tungsten carbide(WC), and carburizing the mixture; and a high-performance fine tungsten carbide powder produced by the process, which has an average particle size of 0.8 μm or less and is free of a coarse powder having a particle size of more than 1 μm, and which also contains less metal impurities and contains oxygen and nitrogen in a predetermined amount.

Mark Particle Size(μm) Chemical Composition (%)
T.C F.C C.C Fe Mo Cr V
WC-F(C) 0.45〜0.75 6.08〜6.25 ≦0.10 ≧6.05 ≦0.050 ≦0.020 ≦1.00 -
WC-F(V) 0.45〜0.75 6.08〜6.25 ≦0.10 ≧6.05 ≦0.050 ≦0.020 - ≦1.00
WC-F(CV) 0.45〜0.75 6.08〜6.25 ≦0.10 ≧6.05 ≦0.050 ≦0.020 ≦1.00 ≦1.00
WC-F(N) 0.45〜0.75 6.05〜6.22 ≦0.10 ≧6.05 ≦0.050 ≦0.020 - -

Packing: In sealde plastic bags with outer iron drums of 100/200 kgs net each. we can meet your special requirements.

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